Care recommendations

General care recommendations

Follow the following care recommendations to ensure maximum enjoyment and excellent viewing for many years with your LIPPER binoculars.

Binocular case included in scope of delivery To protect your binoculars when not in use or when traveling we recommend that you keep them in the provided neoprene case.

Cleaning your binoculars

Keep your binoculars clean and dry. Avoid exposure to excessive heat. Remove dust and foreign particles from the body using a soft damp cloth. If you are using your binoculars at sea or near salt water we strongly recommend rinsing them off with fresh water after use. Over time, sea salt can damage the objective lenses and the optical quality of your binoculars.

Cleaning the objective lenses and eyepiece lenses

Contamination such as dust, foreign particles and grease from fingerprints impairs the imaging quality (sharpness and contrast) of your LIPPER binoculars. Remove minor soiling and particles on the lenses using a soft brush. More severe soiling or fingerprints on the lens surfaces can be removed using and optical lens cloth.

Helpful advice on the use of your binoculars

Never expose your binoculars to severe heat for prolonged periods. This can cause damage to the armoring or to the eyecups. Avoid places such as the dashboard or the rear shelf in motor vehicles for storing binoculars. These places are not suitable as exposure to the sun directly behind glass causes extremely high temperatures that can damage your binoculars. Always use the provided neck strap anc) avoid damage caused by dropping the binoculars. Never walk away when the binoculars are mounted on a tripod. Always remove the binoculars before moving out of the tripod range. Keep your binoculars in the provided case in a dry place and at a moderate temperature if you are not using them for any length of time.