LIPPER brand is winning more and more attention and loyal customers each day  around the world. Being the popular German company dealing with high quality military telescopes, riflescopes, binoculars,  monoculars, spotting scopes, and laser rangefinders, Lipper products are designed to meet the highest standards not only of military men but also of the most demanding customers.

Particular feature of LIPPER brand distinguishing it among competitors is the use of effective and long lasting glass lenses in each branded item which possesses great weather resistance and can be used in any extreme weather conditions - from heat to frost, including fog and moisture.

LIPPER lenses are also fully multicoated (FMC), thus they are protected from the flecks of direct sun light  and are characterised with much sharper imaging.

It is  history that makes LIPPER brand so respected and effective. "LIPPER" is shortened Lippershey which stands for Hans Lippershey, the inventor of telescope was born in Wesel, in western Germany and the first man using glass lens to make objects clearer and closer. He managed to discover amazing possibilities of glass and build up a "looker" making far objects near thus creating a prototype of modern telescope in early sixteen century.


Quite easy but helpful idea of  Lippershey to combine lenses was taken by the company and brought to contemporary people in the form of highly-efficient and qualitative military tools. Thanks to their perfect optics transmission of light and reproduction of colors make all the equipment manufactured by LIPPER unique and superb.

What's more, LIPPER products are equipped with additional facilities which make their use even more effective and practical. For example, binoculars with integrated compass seem to be perfect for the use in the dark as there is a built-in light illuminator and rangefinder enabling user to calculate distance to the required object.

In brief, LIPPER military equipment is built to endure a lifetime and correspondingly, it is supported with LIPPER limited lifetime warranty. So why not to experience these highly resistant and easy in use items always reminding of military reliability and safety lasting since the sixteenth century!